KoToNo Translations
Awesome vocal synth manga translations! Suggestions welcome. Kind of looking for translators rn.
Kotonoha Aoi Strategy!
A Voiceroid Theatre video where Akane explains how to approach Aoi correctly.
A manga by Sabiwo about Aoi tying her hair on the wrong side.
Wrapped in Your Scent
A manga by Rota about Aoi getting dressed and going outside.
Return of the Dead Sister
A sad manga by Sayonaka where Akane dies and comes back to see grieving Aoi.
I'm So Happy!
A Voiceroid Theatre video by Tamakibi where Aoi & Yuzuru have a chat about Akane not responding to Aoi's messages.
Yukari & Akari's Final Exam Study Session
A manga by Yuzushiro about Yukari and Akari preparing for their final exams and hanging out.
Kotonoha Sisters' New School Year
A cute manga made by Sayonaka where Aoi & Akane start grade 8 and make friends.